Divine Healing

Divine Healing with high vibrational loving support

Reiki Healing and Angelic and Ascension Healing.

Donna can be booked for your personal one to one healing treatments.  Contact her by phone or via Donna’s email.

Individual healing treatments often also incorporate counselling/life coaching techniques and spiritual life coaching, with messages from the higher self or the divine flow. Donna also incorporates Fogo Sagrada into her treatments – Sacred Fire healing with Universal Christ Consciousness healing energy.

Divine Healing and Reikireiki two

Clients can benefit enormously from Divine Healings and Reiki Treatments.  Both of these have been known to ease stress and support you, the client, as your body and soul begin to relax at a very deep level.  Divine healing and Reiki (meaning Universal Energy), can help you, body and soul to heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Donna has twenty years experience working with clients, healing, calming, soothing and finding the root of issues and concerns and she has seen many lives benefit hugely as a result of regular healing support.

Donna initially trained in Usui Reiki, Level One and Two, with Barbara McGregor in 1995, and then in Tera MaiTM Reiki, and now more recently in Earth Light Reiki.  Earth Light Reiki is the most powerful Reiki she has yet encountered as well as the most loving and easily flowing.

Donna often adds sacred sound healing to your healing session for that extra touch of relaxation.  These soothing highly vibrational sounds help open the chakras, switch off the mind and allow more light to emanate within.  The sacred sounds and light language energetically align with one’s DNA and genetic coding, cleansing, uplifting and helping to bring about even deeper transformation.

If you have a specific enquiry or are not sure how healing may help you, do feel free to contact Donna to discuss it further.

After experiencing healing treatments with Donna, if you would like to learn to give you or your family and friends Reiki  have a look at our available Events, Workshops and Courses

Angelic and Ascension Healing

Healing sessions with Angelic and Ascension healing energy included offer a deep divine healing experience, connecting you to the expanded divine wisdom and energy of the ascended masters and beautiful angelis realm.

Donna Swan’s angelic and ascension healing treatments can increase your closeness to the Angelic Realm, and Ascended Masters/Divine Ones and improve your knowing of your inner master and angelic self.  The sessions also develop your spiritual awareness and deepen the love you feel.  Many find they see and hear Angels, messages or can hear their inner divine voice more clearly and feel divine love all around them, supporting, listening and guiding them.

Healing Sessions with Attunements

It is also possible to receive Reiki Attunements, Angelic Attunements or Ascended Master Attuenments during your healing session with Donna, at an extra cost. Or these can be recieved at a workshop. see Events, Workshops and Courses.

The attunements are like a blast of divine light bringing more clarity, clearing and cleansing at a deep level; encouraging acceptance, surrender, self love and connection with all.  These are highly recommended for those on a spiritual or healing path.

These attunements help increase your light vibration whilst connecting you more deeply with Source.  They also encourage more healing energy to flow through your hands, open your chakras, and increase your inner awareness of all around you.  So, for example, you may be able to tune into people more easily, or connect with animals more deeply after receiving these attunements.

Ascending AngelsTM Angelic Healing Attunements are very similar to Angelic Reiki or Angel Reiki, bringing out your inner ability to Heal with Angels and Archangels and deepening your inner divine connection with All That Is – Source.

More meditations and attunements embedded in meditations can be found at www.ascendingangels.com

Donna offers Earth Light Reiki Attunements and Archangel Healing Light Attunements in Kent and London as well as occasional other places throughout the UK and Europe.