Earth Light Reiki

Reiki means universal life force energy. healing hands

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. It is a universal life force healing energy available to everyone irrespective of religion or spiritual beliefs. In order to use Earth Light Reiki one must receive a Reiki Attunement from your Reiki Master.

Donna has been a Reiki Master in Kent and London for nearly 20 years.   A Reiki Attunement attunes you to the Universal Healing Energy of Earth Light Reiki and opens the Reiki Healing in your hands.

It can be used to give relaxing, calming healing to yourself or others, for benefit and improved well-being.

Donna runs regular Earth Light Reiki Trainings.

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Donna trained in Usui Reiki, then Tera MaiTM Reiki, but is now happily and powerfully aligned to Earth Light Reiki – a gift direct from The Divine Universal Masters.


Earth Light Reiki Initiation

Receiving the Earth Light Reiki Level One Attunement opens up the crown chakra, the third eye and heart chakra, connecting one to the flow of universal healing energy all around, and this makes healing energy flow out of your hands.  It can be a life changing event.  Once your hands are activated the Reiki healing energy flowing through them can be felt as warm and tingling or sometimes cold.

This is the first level of healing available.  The healing energy flowing from your hands can be used to support the healing of others or yourself.  Reiki One Trainings here in Kent with Donna Swan provide a very good grounding for later levels of Reiki Training, by opening one up just enough to get comfortable with the energy.

Earth Light Reiki Initiation takes anything from an hour and a half to three hours to learn. The more students taking the class the longer the session.  You are guaranteed healing energy coming through your hands.  It is believed that this healing then continues for the rest of your life.

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Earth Light Reiki Practitioners

Donna teaches Reiki Practitioner Level (Two) in Kent.  It is a more profound step towards the light of Earth Light Reiki and involves learning and experiencing other healing processes and divine tools.

The Earth Light Reiki Two/Practitioner attunement also encourages the healer to become more creative and expansive in their healing practices.

Earth Light Reiki Mastership

Donna teaches Reiki Mastership with Caroline Sharp approximately once a year.  You will know when you are ready.

This is truly about stepping up into your inner master, and trusting at a very deep and divine level your own connection with God/Universal Light and all of the Universal Light Masters who awaken these attunements deep within us.

You will learn how to pass on Earth Light Reiki Attunements to others as well as re-attune yourself and empower yourself more fully with the healing touch of The Divine True One Light.

Universal God/Goddess Healing energies are building and becoming stronger as each year passes and the Earth Light Reiki Mastership is bringing you the fullest and strongest system of Reiki Healing that Donna has experienced in all of her time as a healer and teacher/guide.

All Earth Light Reiki Attunements bring the healer to a place of more confidence in themselves and their abilities.  They also open up the chakra system more fully – enabling an increase in one’s intuitive and psychic abilities.

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